Teh Happy Dance

I was doing the happy dance this morning. I was also singing a little ditty that went something like “I love my life, ooooh, I *love* my life…”

The scent of my Italian Herb Bread rising assailed my nostrils, drowning out the Eucalan as I washed my BFL skeins. I was planning to dye some Cheviot later on and my Aurora lay on the sofa, almost finished. Not only that, but I was buoyed up by the knowledge that I don’t have to go and take minutes tonight. Best of all, postie brought my parcel from The Yarn Yard.

Oh, yes, I love my life. I’m a happy teddy.

The bread

Looks fab. I may have added too much garlic, though. A taste test later will reveal all.


Off the needles! Yay!!!!

Aurora is finally off the needles, having taken far too long to knit. Recently I have only been able to knit for 15 to 20 minutes without pain in my arm or shoulder. It’s… a pain.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed this simple knit, which proved to be unexpectedly satisfying. I’ll probably do more, as bazaar sale items. It’s always good to have an easy knit on large needles at hand for those times when you want to switch your brain off for a while. I’ll be needing simple diversions…

The parcel

Two skeins, two rovings.

I was seduced firstly by the email news of the sale and the chance of a laceweight skein for £6. Who is going to turn that down? And it was sooooo pretty. But, let’s face it, if you are going to pay postage, you may as well make it worthwhile. But the decision to choose another item was made so difficult by Natalie’s wonderful winning way with colour. Her schemes are just so way ahead of almost anything else out there. Further seduced. Hence – two skeins and two rovings:

  • Bamboo (75% wool 25% bamboo) – Juniper (shades of green)
  • Lace (100% Organic Merino) – Peace (shades of lilac and the blue side of pink) circa 1,000 metres
  • Merino/Silk roving – Ribbons (turquoise/pink)
  • Merino pencil roving – Wrappings (Teal , lilac, purple and lime)

No photos, yet. It’s way too dismal a day for images and artificial light would do these goodies no justice at all.

Anyway, it was all I could do not to grab my wheel and get stuck in straightaway. But I applied some discipline and sat down with Aurora instead.

I was surprised at just how happy the parcel made  me. I could have sat and gazed and stroked all day. It’s all about the colour, you know? I am all about the colour these days, it’s really an important element of my life now. There are some in these parts who might scoff at my buying dyed yarns and rovings when I have all the infinite variety of natural fleece at my disposal, or in wanting to dye my white skeins. That’s OK. I like the natural shades too. But I do need to play with colour too. I just like that adventure innate in colour, that bit of spice in my life – and it seems to lift my spirits considerably when I dabble.

Of course, the texture is pretty damn good too.


I was surprised, as this was spun from tops, just how much dirt came out after a 30 minute soak in Eucalan. The skeins are in the spinner now, in pillow cases. I can’t wait to see how much they have bloomed, or not.

The Cheviot

Will not be dyed today. I find myself short on supplies. This is a shame, as the silk that I spun yesterday was to have been dyed at the same time.