Still here

I’m still here. Doing quite well at minimising my keyboard use, but far less so at keeping the knitting at bay. I completed two berets and three beanies in the last few days 🙂 The beanies are fun – they take just about two hours each. I plan to embellish them soon – that should keep me of the knitting needles for a few hours at least.

I finally made a Gretel – using my Giggle handspun. It’s nice but has problems and I think I need to make  a better one. I do have sufficient yarn. And I made an Urchin as well. That was tremendous fun. I used my first skeins of handspun.

I’ll post details on both patterns when my self-imposed blog withdrawal ceases.

Gretel in Giggle

Gretel in Giggle b

Jacob Urchin

Jacob Urchin 2

I want to make more Urchins. Such a clever pattern!

There are no beanie pictures yet. I’ll take them at the end of the clutch.