Spinning Day

It is spinning day today – we are at M’s. The weather has broken somewhat and is grey and overcast with a little dampness, but scarcely any wind. I am trying to decide whether to take the car and the spinning wheel, or to cycle with my knitting. It’s a difficult decision.

I do need the exercise, badly. I can get exercise and work on the Teosinte sock, probably completing it by the end of spinning (the heel is finished and I just have to rattle up the leg now). But… I also am rather keen to complete the current spin, which is not getting much of my time at present.

It’s just a 20 minute cycle ride to M’s. I shall feel dreadfully lazy if I fold and use the car.

On the subject of the sock: I am still of the opinion that I shall never take to toe-up socks. They seem frightfully ugly after the graceful engineering of a cuff-down. Also… I seem pathologically incapable of achieving the entire section of wrap and turn with the correct number of wraps and stitches. I have no idea where they go to (or come from, in some cases.)

I have just realised that there are 3 more days left un May… and the PS3 Earth element. Three more days, plus some of today, in which to complete the Teosintes, knit the Rivendells, finish my DFV spin, and do something with the Tundra Handart.

Whatever was I thinking?!

I think I’ll just overrun on the Earth things – I don’t seem to have much fancy for Air (grey/white/yellow). I shall declare June to be Earth month also – at least, in this household. Yellow just isn’t “me”. In July I may try some lace with the cone of grey Alpaca that I have stashed. I also have 150 gms of natural grey BFL 4ply to do something with. Perhaps a Shetland Lace scarf that will grace the Sanday Spinners’ stall at the Christmas Fair. I must remember to make some stock as the year passes.

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