Spinning Day

Spinning was at F’s today. Fascinatingly, I appear to have been to the Frozen Norf. It’s only about 6Km to Crudy, but it seems to have its own microclimate and I was astounded to find myself in a Winter Wonderland when I approached. It was all green and sunny when I left home!

I wasn’t at all organised when I went out and ended up going out without a coat (madness) although I had hat and scarf and, for some strange reason, my reading glasses on. I just wasn’t with it. I packed my wheel and some batts but forgot to take any bobbins. Luckily I had my knitting with me so I just knitted once my bobbin was full. It seemed a shame to disturb the sleeping Bengal in my box of batts anyway – he looked so peaceful and content. I wish that I had the camera with me. F has two Bengals – the other one did the usual cat thing of finding the only member of the company who is allergic to cats and then sat on her. I’m not sure which of us had Bruce and who had Gimpy, but they are both lovely cats. Blue-eyed Snow Spotted. Very unlike my three:


Lulu, the Bengal X killing machine


Teddy, the Brown Marbled Bengal (F3) somnambulist


(Teddy again, because he is so handsome!)


and our melanistic Bengal, Treacle…

… who does have a better side 🙂


(though it’s really difficult to capture.) He’s just plain funny.

Sorry about the gratuitous cat photo posts 🙂

I am still spinning the home-dyed Shetland X – it make take me some time to get to the end of it, but I shall. I may get there all the faster now that I have the Jumbo Flyer.

Very pleased when I got home to find the power back on – it went off at 9:30 for some scheduled maintenance.

And now that I have wasted more than enough time – I must decide: knit some Butternut scarf or knit some mitts, or go in search of the Danish and begin work on my new flyer. What would you do?


  1. Cynthia
    December 3, 2008

    What LOVELY cats you have,,,and YES, that extra shot of Teddy the handsome one was well worth it…what a beauty!!! Well they are all gorgeous…you can´t tell I love cats can you? I have British Shorthairs…Big Ben
    cause he is soooo British
    and Queen Liz cause she is sooo Queen-like…
    You knit some beautiful things!!!

  2. December 3, 2008

    Thank you, Cynthia – and welcome to Woolgathering!

  3. December 3, 2008

    Well, I think cats and fibre go perfectly well together. Mine have always thoroughly enjoyed all my woolly adventures and assist where necessary, from sorting a fleece (a lot of rolling involved, by the cats mostly), to spinning (ouch for the whiskers again for the cats mostly,) to nestling contentedly on the current knitting WIP.
    What beautiful cat photos, I love them all, but think Treacle has stolen my heart!

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