…somebody has to do it

Only two spinners had confirmed intention of attendance at Spinning Group this week, and one of those cancelled before breakfast yesterday. One look at the weather forecast for the day led me to contact the other and to make the decision to cancel. Which left me with two spinning cakes on my hands.

The first cake was a Jennifer-safe cake (dairy-free and diabetic-friendly) and this one I thought might freeze successfully, so I wrapped it and bobbed it into the freezer to do duty for another session. The other cake was a gluten-free version of a Mississippi Mud Pie cake. Topped with a decidedly Jennifer-unsafe frosting of chocolate and cream cheese (yummy) I thought it an unlikely candidate for the freezer.

Mr L and I are wading manfully through it. It’s hard work but…

A migraine struck in the night so this day has been one of little exertion. I wound some yarn and almost cast on for a new cardigan. In the end I wrote menus and shopping lists and played a few games of Lexulous (badly).

The winds have settled and the snow seems to have stopped.  I have every hope of improved weather for my trip to town on Tuesday. Between now and then we have a curry feast to assemble, a fruit cake to bake and a birthday dinner to plan.

These long evenings are taking a little filling. I keep finding myself ready for bed before realising that we have not had tea yet.  We are watching Firefly on the lap top and last night, for a break, played The Room. We played side by side simultaneously – Mr L on his pad and me on my phone… sharing advances as we made them. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder if we are a little on the weird side.

Speaking of  marital bedtime pursuits – the Logitech armchair treasure hunt starts very soon now. Oooh, look at this, perhaps even tomorrow?


As ever, we’re seeking playmates.

And, on a totally different note altogether, it would not seem right to sign off without some acknowledgement of Nelson Mandela’s death. It makes me sad to see him go but that’s illogical. A great man, who wrought great change –  his was an innings like no other, but it was certainly time to go in for tea.


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