Socks of Shame

2885727382_8dd51ee082 After tidying my workroom (well, a lick and a promise anyway) I did what I have been threatening to do and I assessed the sock situation for Socktoberfest. It has been on my mind that the month is wearing on and I have done nothing to diminish the sock stash yet, unless you call my Mama Janes slippers “slipper socks,” which I think that I shall, because that makes me feel better about this situation.

What situation?

This situation:

1 total stash (Soctoberfest assessment)

That’s the sockpile stockpile. Scary, huh?

Much larger than I thought.

I decided to investigate just what was in it…

… and to make a plan for reducing it via the impetus of Socktoberfest.

But socks are slow, and there isn’t much month left, and I have many other things that I need to be doing. So I don’t expect the pike to shrink by much at all.

(All photos bigger at Flickr – just click)

Here’s the stash of new yarns (untouched)

2 new stash (Soctoberfest assessment)

SEVEN balls of standard sock yarns from Regia and Trekking etc.

TWO Trekking Hand Art,

and one Bonny from The Yarn Yard.


And here we have some rather nominally designated WIPS

3 WIPs (Soctoberfest assessment)

The HipKnits cashmere #1 Husband sock, due for completion 31st Dec 2007. *blush*

The Opal “mixed recipe” sock, with one sock completed.

Two Cookie.A designs: Mingus and Pomatomus. 4 current WIP (Soctoberfest assessment)Mingus in Yarn Yard “Bonny” and the other in Rowan Cashsoft

Next, the truly WIP – the Vanilla Mansock aka The Monster Sock (much too large but progresses due to knitterly denial)


5 Frog Pond (Soctoberfest assessment)

Then the awful realisation of the size of the Frog pond…


Shall we gloss over that and make our way to the Socktoberfest Plan?


Yes, I think so. The plan is pretty modest and yet, I feel, quite unattainable…

6 Socktoberfest Candidates (Soctoberfest assessment)

  1. Complete the Vanilla Mansocks
  2. Use one of those two new balls, maybe two if things go well, to learn Magic Loop knitting on some plain stocking stitch socks
  3. Begin the Teosinte socks again with that gorgeous Hug yarn from The Yarn Yard.

See you in November!