Socks History

Sock Count, last updated 19th Jan 2009

Sock Count = 28
Pairs = 13
Pairs in active progress = 0
Pairs started and resting = 6
Pairs frogged to begin again = 3
Pairless SSS = 2

Completed pairs, in chronological order

  1. Simple Socks aka My First Socks
  2. Hedera by Cookie A aka Blue Ivy Socks
  3. Simple Socks aka Simply Arizona
  4. Ambrosia Socks aka Eight-ply Purple People Eaters
  5. Burning Rings of Fire aka Cash and Burn
  6. Merope socks aka Plumbum’s Mouthwatering Merope
  7. Simple Socks aka Socktober Mountain – first Magic Loop socks
  8. Yarn Harlot sock recipe sock aka Vanilla Mansocks – completed on Magic Loop
  9. Number 1 Husband Socks aka Grreen and Grrowlly Socks – cashmere
  10. Simple Socks aka Water Socks 05/01/09
  11. Earl Grey socks aka Private Comfort 07/01/09
  12. Laeticia aka Gaudete, Boreae Montes et Flumina 06/04/2009
  13. Francie Socks aka Smooshypu Socks 20/05/2009

On the needles

  1. Not So Flashy – plain sock (dozing) 1 done
  2. Tay-lor-made Herringbone Rib socks (dozing)
  3. Own pattern – Thorfinn (dozing)
  4. Cookie A Mingus (sleeping)
  5. Mixed recipe sock  – Warning! (Second Sock Syndrome) – 1 done
  6. Cookie A Pomatomus (sleeping)

Frogged for a new beginning

  1. Firestarter
  2. Teosinte
  3. Smoking Hot Socks

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