Up and at ’em early today. Mr L took the dogs for a run on the beach while I organised Stuff. We’d given the dogs a good run last night as well and were hoping for the best when we left them alone together for the first time.

The ferry was packed. I think the schools are on holiday. It didn’t make for the most pleasant of journeys.

The Sock was in the Stuff that I had organised but I knitted on it not. We spent the outward journey huddled over two of today’s new puzzles – and made good headway.

The day in town was pretty much as it always is. Rush, rush, rush. All supermarket and little fun.

More puzzling on the “bus” home, this time outside in the sun. I took “Knitting Pattern Guy” snaps (not very good ones) and we settled down with pen, paper, and fresh fruit to sustain us on the way home.

When we got home, the rear hallway was decorated with broken glass from end to end. I have NO idea how any of the dogs managed to come away from that unscathed, but there was no blood. None!  My favourite Habitat glass vase is no more, sad to say. Mr L and I shared a large blond in the bath and then had pitta breads with Greek Salad and a lovely bottle of red wine. I am tired now and my back and my feet are throbbing, but I feel content enough.

All the same – it’s time for bed!

I’ll do the FO post on the man sweater tomorrow, when I feel less tired.

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