Kirkwall shopping day tomorrow. A big event in these here parts. Mr L is reluctant to take time off from work at present, and he is as reluctant to shop on Saturday when the homeward journey takes over three hours, so I am going without him. I am not managing to be brave enough to go it alone with the car though. I may have gained sufficient nerve to drive it around the island (more or less) but the thought of going into town and tackling roundabouts and car parks? No way! SpinningGill is coming with me and she is going to drive the car. She will have my eternal gratitude for that. I feel such a wimp but, truly, I can’t do it.

It’s not too long a day in the Winter, really. The morning boat leaves at 09:15 and the homeward boat at 15:20 gets us back to Loth 16:45. We’ll get around 4 hours in town. It can be quite a rush – especially with 6 to 8 weeks’ worth of shopping to get! Tomorrow however, I shall be buying less as we shall lack the muscle power to hump all that shopping about. Buying less should take less time… we shall see.

We are to be blessed with calm seas tomorrow, with the sea state projected to be Slight, with a 1 metre swell. Most of Scotland seems to be due some snow tomorrow but it looks as though Orkney will escape that so, all in all, it looks to be a good day for the trip.

We shall not be alone! It turns out that a goodly portion of our spinning group is heading to Kirkwall tomorrow. There will be much knitting of socks I think!

My Spiraluscious Mitt is challenging me slightly. I think that perhaps it is not the ideal boat project, given the likelihood of spinning chatter. In fact, I appear to have nothing suitable for the boat on hand at all. If I can find some DPNs free, I’ll start some new plain socks.

In fact, I shall go and hunt some out right now.