Don’t whisper it too loudly, or it might put the jinx on it, but…

…guess who picked up the gusset stitches on Mr plumbum’s Grreen ‘n Growlly Socks?


Of course, that is all I have done thus far and, of course, there are too many picked up stitches, but as all good knitters know (a) that’s the worst part of any sock (after the first round is joined) done and (b) the actual number of gusset stitches ain’t crucial. I’d far rather have more decreases to do, than have my gusset stitches too widely spaced.

Now I have to figure out where I left off in the stitch pattern for the instep. Eek!

Two things to note: the cashmere may not be of the best, certainly not as good as the pink lace stuff that I am knitting, but these green skeins feel way better than the blue that I knitted The Antidote in (which is odd, as I purchased all three together from the same source) – and it is a deep joy to pick up my short bamboo sticks again.

The Clover DPNs are so much more comfortable to hold and way easier to knit with than the Addi 7″ needles that I knit Simply Arizona on. I think that, far from being the slog that I was expecting, it is going to feel fun and easy to complete these socks (by comparison to recent sock efforts.) I actually feel positive about completing these socks now.

I also have the added impetus from Project Spectrum, as these socks are a definite “Earth” project. So, I think they will be complete (long?) before this year’s wedding anniversary rolls around!