Yummy yarn from Natalie. This  is Pentland, a blend of baby camel and silk in laceweight (800m/100g). The colour is named September.

I have cast on with this yarn for The Shetland Trader’s new triangle, Flukra. Flukra is constructed in the same way as the Aestlight (of which I have made a good several so far.) The yarn is behaving impeccably and is going to have a fabulous drape.

I shall not be rushing Flukra, even though there is a KAL for it. I am mindful that my other current Shetland Trader project is in need of finishing.

Anyway… you know what this means, do you not? Yes – the red swirly thing is finis. What a relief! I’m in no hurry to block it and frankly doubt that I could find the time, even if I wanted to. I shall stuff it in the bag with the orange thing that is also waiting to be blocked.

It was Art Class again today and we got messy, with charcoal landscapes. It was rather good fun… I need to practise but it is SUMS Puzzle Hunt week this week. So much to do, so little time.

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