Scattered Thoughts of the week

  1. I hate Hackers. It’s a strong word and one I do not normally care to use, mostly because I lack that particular strength of feeling in most cases but: Hackers, I detest them. I would string the bastards up, debowel them and watch them die slowly if I could.
  2. Yes, I spent the biggest part of the past two days clearing up a hack attack… why do you ask?
  3. No, I do not know how they got in, I am running Bullet Proof Security and should have been safe.
  4. I think Brunhilde maybe needs her own blog
  5. I’m not doing enough photography
  6. I’m not doing any knitting
  7. Nor am I doing any spinning
  8. This camping lark disrupts my routine to the extent that I scarcely know what day it is and I totally forgot about Spinning Group this week
  9. I’m not sure about Brunhilde and the whole camping thing. I’ll write a post about it soon because that will help me to sort my feelings and ideas about the matter.
  10. This camping lark breaks up Nell’s routine too. The significance of this will be clear to anyone who knows a Border Collie. Essentially, we have lost our alarm clock and household regulator.
  11. Mr L’s plans for his long weekend include fitting the new fanbelt to Brunhilde and a new window to the front room. I hope to be planting daffs.
  12. If time allows, I may archive this blog and create a new one, using Koken instead of WordPress. Or I may just move servers. Or both. I’m not sure yet. I wish it was possible to import from WP to Koken.
  13. In the  meantime, a belt has been added to the braces, or whatever and I have installed the Wordfence security plugin. As usual, if you experience anything strange with the blog, do please let me know. Especially let me know if you see anything relating to Pharmacy sales or Viagra!

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