Really, I must organise myself!

Since the last post I may report that:

Brunhilde’s blog still needs updating!

The cards that I  brought back from our Scottish break are now mounted in a double frame that I bought in town last week and are looking good in the bathroom.


We almost had a lovely photograph of a Goldcrest to show today but I was so excited to see the wee thing in the house that I forgot that I had a camera. The bird was lying on the ground having most likely stunned itself by flying into the conservatory. Mr L picked it up and brought it into the house to see if we might do something to help it. It actually revived quickly in the warmth of his hands and was released to fly away before I could grab a snap. Here instead is one of the freesias that I brought home from town last week.


Hugo has some  forward momentum but it, like the …

… fiddle that was unearthed according to plan, has made too little progress as…

… it has been SUMS Puzzle Hunt Week, not that we gave a lot of time to puzzling as…

… Mr L has a new (to him) guitar, a splendid Fender Stratocaster.

We have been spending time by the fireside – he playing his Strat and me spinning. Convivial.

There is a Sanday Spinners blog post reporting on knitting activity and another telling all about the stock judging. I’m slowly catching up on the dreaded housework after being ill for so long but you know, it really gets in the way of the stuff that I really wish to be doing.

Spinning Group tomorrow and I need to head into town if I can find time this week. Can’t believe that it is November already. Wish I could find more time to spend with my camera. Having only 4 days in the working week is affecting my structure badly indeed.


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