There is an odd and pungent smell in my Studio. Odd, until you realise what I am up to in there. This is not the usual eau-de-mouton emanating from my stash of fleece.

I recently took delivery of a three tier seed sprouter. The only location in my home that satisfies all of  the sprouter’s criteria of light, warmth and an available level playing field, is on my workbench in the studio. I lack only the water supply, so am presently running back and forth with jugs of water from the kitchen.

The first experiment has different seeds on each of the tiers – I am growing good old Cress, sandwiched between Fenugreek on the top storey,  and Garlic Chives in the basement. It is the two latter that are making my wool stocks smell like a Bratfud Curryhouse.

The waste water comes out yellow, and very smelly indeed. I throw it straight out of the window. The chooks appear to like it.

Anyway – it’s cress sandwiches for tea today, using yesterday’s Rustic Country Loaf. I can confirm that it passes the Second Day Test, as I had a slice for breakfast and it was still good and fresh.

There is to be an Orzotto for lunch (Barley Risotto  is an oxymoron) and I think it will have fresh and dried mushrooms and either some chicken or Chorizo. The Fenugreek shoots might well find their way into the side salad. It’s odd, but they taste not at all of curry and nothing like they smell – they just taste like young and tender pea pods.

The Garlic Chives are slower growing and will be deployed in a few days’ time. I have NO idea how to use them! Perhaps in sandwiches again?

I am loving the sprouter – have wanted one for as long as I can remember and am so pleased at its ease of use. The struggles that I have had with my Mung sprouts all these years.. with J-cloth and jam jars…

Mmm… yes, Mung sprouts next and a nice stir-fry.

No baking today – I have to go out after lunch and teach children to knit.

More rusticity on Friday, I reckon. See you then.

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