There are some things that we know for sure will never be reinvented – the wheel for instance. We are convinced that such a simple and perfect idea could never be further perfected.

How about the knitting needle? They’ll never reinvent that, now will they? What could you do to a knitting needle to perfect it?

How about this?

And, for my next trick, the square wheel…

Honestly though – I’d love to get a set and try them. Sadly they don’t do a 2.5mm circ. Damn Yanks đŸ™‚

But they do note that most users go up a size with these so perhaps the 2.75mm circs would be just what is required.


“Dear Santa…”


Something else that Santa could usefully bring me this year… dream on!


I am busy today, with a client to see this afternoon. Can’t see me making inroads on the UFO candidate list today. Didn’t make much impression last night either. We went to bed to listen to the radio and to do a fiendishly difficult crossword. I took the So-called Scarf with me and spent as much time going backwards as forwards. It makes little progress. The handspun singles don’t seem to flow through my hands very well at all. Not to mention the fact that I no longer seem able to multi-task as I did when I was younger. Chewing on cryptic clues makes my stitches come out all wrong – and I was hearing strange things on the radio that made no sense at all. This entirely due to concentration-induced deafness, I do believe.

Knitting will go very slowly now as it is far too cold to disappear to the sitting room for uninterrupted knitting sessions. I also have more work to do than I can reasonably schedule at the moment. Something Very Disciplined has to happen soon. A Plan. A ToDo list. Some Action. Or Some Thing. In short, I require to get my act together.

We may have an oil delivery today. I wonder what the current price is… but I’m not going to fret. I won’t. I shan’t. Besides, we seem to be doing well. Our last 2,000 litres came early last January – so we got a good 10 months out of it. I’ll be happy to see the new delivery as we are getting a tad low and there’s some more cold weather coming this way at the weekend.