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Monday night was Craft Club and SpinningGill and I played with polymer clay. We made buttons. It was fun, quite successful, and there will be more buttons in our future. I may do a post about it later when I have time. Time is short this week as Mr L and I spend much of our day ripping up floorboards and cleaning up after ourselves.

Yesterday was the irregular big shop day in Kirkwall. The journey in both directions was… “interesting” – but coming home was the most adrenaline-inducing ((There were real screams and cries of “I’m going to die on this boat!” – none of them from either of us, I might add!)). No stomach contents were lost however, and I am sure that all readers will be relieved to know this…

  • Fish and Chip lunch was disappointing
  • No major shopping trophies were bagged…
  • …but I was delighted to purchase 3 bars of Orkney (outdated) fudge at 30p each
  • Emulsion for both hall and playroom was obtained

There was sock yarn in the mail when I arrived home:

Yarn donation from knittertastic


Madhat66's yarn donation

My thanks to both knittertastic and madhat66. The blanket is going to look fantastic (one day!)

I actually knitted on another (possible) blanket on the boat – I was testing out the Ten Stitch Blanket pattern. At least for a portion of the journey I was. At the point at which items on the table started heading off into orbit as the boat went into free-fall, I decided it would be best to pack all my belongings away.

Today was such a delightfully sunny and warm Spring day that it was difficult to believe that only yesterday I was being tossed on a storm-whipped sea.

Being Wednesday it was Spinning today. I collected SpinningGill and we went to this week’s venue. I took my wheel and fleece, and also my new Ashford Knitters Loom, which arrived last weekend. I’ll cover this in a more detailed post later – sufficient to say for now that I cut my first piece off it this morning at Spinning.

My First Weaving

I am planning to make a shoulder bag of it. SpinningGill, the enabler, suggested making the shoulder strap on her inkle loom and so I am to learn to use that. With a decorative hand-woven strap and a nice hand-crafted button fastener the bag should be quite handsome. It may go into the annual Show if it works out. It all hinges on how poor a job I make of stitching a lining into it…

When I dropped SpinningGill off at home I noticed that this chappie was looking more than handsome as he showed his plumage off in the sunshine.

Plumage sparkling in the sun

His wee wifie kindly supplied me with tomorrow’s breakfast – six lovely fresh eggs.

I spent my afternoon in looking up weaving groups on Ravelry, joining them, and introducing myself. I also volunteered to knit up one of the free p/hop knitting patterns for MSF to use as a sample for photos and exhibitions etc. I am going to make Asa Tricosa’s Dido. (Ravelry)

I intend to round off what is left of our rest day by warping up the Knitters Loom again and maybe visit the Texere site to look for weaving threads for the bag strap. I think that I am on painting duties tomorrow!

It’s all go, is it not?


  1. jenny
    April 7, 2010

    I tried the 10st blanket – I love it to look at but it’s quite tedious, if I really work at it mine might make it to cushion size – one side only – maybe

    • April 8, 2010

      Hi, Jenny. I was wondering what on earth in your comment led it to being spam-trapped. I laughed out loud when I realised that your expression of Ten Stitch had been interpreted as diet spam content – ten stones.

      I imagine that it becomes tedious ineed, unless knitting with specially bought nicely space-dyed yarn. With scraps… well, yes. I’m thinking at the moment that I could manage some small panels to hang on the wall and that maybe fifteen or twenty stitches would be nice. The rectangle that I have looks quite good and, if it were a little larger, I can imagine three or five of them arrayed on a rectangular backboard and hung on the wall.

      One day I shall make the circular version with a wide selection of natural hand spun yarns – maybe as a record of every fleece that I have spun. It should look fine on the chimney breast wall.

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