These, for Mr L.

In this:

November solids: Toddy

November solids: Toddy 2

yarnyard1 Newly arrived “Solids Club” yarn from The Yarn Yard. This is a yarn named Toddy – 75% Merino/25% Nylon. very soft and smooth and rather luxurious. It will make a fine pair of Earl Grey‘s.

I have been intending to resign the solids club. Purely a monetary decision, and a regretful one – since the two yarns received so far have been 100% fabulous. But I get “only” £25 a month pocket money and this club takes half of that and leaves very little for other things. It’s an extravagance I really cannot afford to maintain…

…but I have been thinking that, if I am successful on Tuesday at my interview, then maybe, just maybe I can keep squeezing the odd skein out. The only thing is, the agreement is that if I get the job – then all the salary is to go into the mortgage account and I don’t get keep a penny for myself.

Difficult one that, when faced with yarns like this:


Of course, if I get to be a working gal again, I shan’t have any time for knitting.

But there’s always retirement to look forward to and a old girl would be in need of a substantial stash when the day comes  🙂