pythagoras blocking 1

My Hypotenuse scarf/wrap thing (Pythagoras) is now suffering a light blocking. It was fun/easy/quick to block due to its geometric pattern – there are lots of straight lines to measure and straighten. Of course, with my lack of blocking skills, and the lack of a set of wires, it’s anything but straight in fact. But it’s no dog’s hind leg either, so I am quite pleased.

pythagoras blocking 2

Blocked to 81.5″ by 15.5″ – no doubt when I take the pins out it will be closer to 80″ by 15″

It’s in the utility room, so Lulu has to stay outside until it dries.

washed skeins 1

washed skein 2

My washed skeins are dry.

Time to wind them into balls and look for some knitting needles!