April Love 2021, Day 8: My Superpower

I have a real Superpower: Regeneration.

No, seriously, it’s real. I am not making it up. I have regenerative powers.

Actually, I believe that we all have regenerative powers. We can all start again, no matter from what. I have changed direction and restarted my life on several occasions. It’s not easy but it’s possible. A post for another day, perhaps.

However, I really did truly regenerate when I was small. I had my tonsils out and they grew back in again. I had them removed for a second time. I sometimes think of myself as a kind of Axolotl… anyway, a doctor told me that this act of regeneration made me officially one in a million. One in a million individuals regrow their tonsils

Awesome, or what? Maybe I am a Time Lord.

I had absolutely no idea how to illustrate this post but I learned how to make an animated poster in Spark. Another learning curve obtained!

I made this but I don’t know how to make it autorun

I think that today follows on beautifully from yesterday’s prompt of #Growing; a re-growing. Like I was pruned and then put up new shoots.

This is the grass chemin, close to home, #whereilive:

This hedgerow is where I have been picking my Sloes. It was abundant with Blackthorn, Hawthorn, wild Roses, Blackberries and so on. It was cut back in the winter.

You can see the extent of the work, where over a metre has been gained on the width of the track.

I must assume that the work was necessary but I cannot escape the fact that I feel on behalf of the shrubs and trees that they have been brutalised. I confess that I wept when I first saw it.

I have been out this morning, seeking signs of the regeneration that should be arising from this radical “pruning”.

The signs are there.

It’s going to take some time and I think that perhaps I should be looking for other Blackthorn in order to find my sloes this year.

It’s not my personal superpower, is it? It’s Nature’s superpower, that of growth, regeneration and re-growth. And isn’t she fabulous!

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