(Possibly) All fixed

I’ve been sitting by the phone all evening (the phones at the front of the house no longer work) as Mr L has gone missing. He’s over four hours overdue at his destination and hasn’t called home. His phone is switched off. So I am going nowhere until he calls me. That being so, I have been fiddling with WordPress.

I think all the problems have been caused by one plugin – the one that organises series of posts for me (or did!) I think it and the new WP version do not play nicely together.

Anyway – so far as I have tested, all links are working nicely and Permalinks should be back where they were. Let me know if your mileage varies.

I’m cold and miserable and too worried to knit. Please send chocolate.

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  1. September 21, 2010

    He will call.
    Whatever you have tweeked it has not broken the rss feed.
    I know there’s no point in saying don’t worry so please help your self to this giant Toblerone.

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