Say Cheese

I went to Kirkwall today with my shopping trolley – the first time in weeks and my first shopping trip since my knee injury. Janet joined me on the boat and I took a snap of her intending to blip it for [url=]View from the Croft Gate[/url] if I couldn’t find anything better. J was somewhat reticent to Say Cheese for me, so here’s an alternative blip – from Kirkness & Gorie.

Kirkness and Gorie is always my second stop in town (Donaldson’s butchers being my first). I always try not to overdo things but rarely escape without at least three cheeses. Today it was three cheeses plus some continental sausages…

If you click for bigness you can see the details of one of today’s purchases: [url=]Montbriac[/url], the other two were already out of the fridge by the time that I got my camera out. One was [url=]Etorki[/url], I forget the other but it was a lightly smoked mild hard goat cheese.

We are so very lucky to have so much choice of cheese in a small town like Kirkwall. K&G is a wonderful shop. Even more so since they now have a wide range of Malt Whisky. Oh, my.