Note to Self

Note to SelfBrunhilde has been de-SORNed (what’s the proper term to use?) and is being packed for an impromptu trip to Orkney Mainland. I wish I had known – I’d have got my laundry done earlier in the week. Realising that my thermal undies were dripping on the airer, I swiftly dropped them into the tumble dryer. This is not a good thing to do (and there is a laundry symbol telling me not to be so daft) but neither is going beach walking in February without my vest!

That said, [url=]the weather is shaping up to be pretty mild[/url]. Sunday looks a little likely to offer us an extra night away, or at least an interesting ride home. There’s plenty of time for the forecast to moderate yet, though.

Bed made, clothes (mostly) packed, dog requisites stowed, numerous cat trays cleaned and filled… just need to get my camera gear together now.

See you when I get back. Hopefully with photographs.

NTS -[i] retrieve undies from dryer before embarking.[/i]

[url=]Friday of the trip[/url]
[url=]Saturday of the trip[/url]
[url=]Sunday of the trip[/url]