New Kit

New KitWe were woken early by the unexpected arrival of my new lenses. We get two courier deliveries a week: Wednesday and Saturday and usually at lunchtime. Wednesday parcels come at 12:30 and Saturday they come at 13:10. This predictability of delivery is one of the side effects of living on a small island. I’d hesitate to call it a benefit, though there are certainly no worries about having to be in to sign for things. It amuses me that if we are out and about at delivery times we will often find a package left in the car when we return to it from the shop or a walk or whatever… but normally they are just dropped in the house.

Anyway, aside from being uncommonly early this morning, I had not expected to see the parcel until Wednesday. The lenses came from the same Hong Kong source as my new camera. The camera was ordered Sunday and arrived a week the following Wednesday. The lenses, ordered a week later, also on a Sunday, resulted in delivery in under a week!

It is a grey and dismal day, so I shall not be venturing forth. I shall try a few test shots indoors instead. This is the Canon EF 70-200mm L lens, shot with the Tamron 24-70mm.

I’m very excited. I never, ever anticipated owning this kind of kit in my lifetime. Even better, an unexpected windfall this week has resulted in a third lens purchase and a Sigma 105mm prime macro lens will be joining the stable soon. This one is coming direct from Sigma UK, via Amazon. It was cheaper than the grey import! There’s such a saving on it that one anticipates a replacement is imminent in the Sigma range.

Now, all that I require is some decent weather and some light. With new, faster lenses, I don’t even need [i]good[/i] light but something better than flat grey would be lovely, thank you.