And now we are five

And now we are fiveAt one time there were eight:  two of us, three Bengal cats and three collie dogs. Thankfully we still have the pair of lovebirds that are we two but the cat contingent is now down to one and the dogs to a pair, one of which has already had her card marked. The household is shrinking by degrees.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts yesterday. We have come through it happy that our wee boy is now out of his troubles but we shall miss him greatly. Treacle’s best pal Teddy seems sanguine too. I observed their gradual separation over the past few days and understand that his cat sense prepared him for being a single cat and in fact he has not wailed for Treacle once since we came home yesterday. This morning he slipped into bed with me and he’s still there, perfectly at ease.

I woke to the news that Polaroid is the preferred buyer for Blipfoto. It makes perfect sense in context and must be the best and most amicable outcome for the former crew. I am expecting the passengers to be somewhat… polarised. (sorry, I won’t do that again)

Only time will tell but I have to say that despite the statement, this user is not feeling particularly nurtured right now.

I shall keep mirroring at 365 and in fact may well stay there in addition to here if all works out well. I have been impressed by the warm welcome and the vigorous community and their thirst for learning and development. I will enjoy the structured challenges. I just wish that I could recall my original account details from when I joined before coming to Blip.