Tesco Cat

Tesco CatMeet Mr Shompy, the “Tesco Cat”. He has [url=https://www.facebook.com/TescoKirkwallCat]his own Facebook page[/url]

I have been wanting to photograph this cat for a long, long time but seem only ever to meet him when I have no camera. When I have my camera with me, he is never there… until today.

It was a little heart-rending for me as I had come straight to the supermarket from the vet’s, where my lovely wee lad Treacle had just been put to sleep.

We are sad this evening. Chocolates have been prescribed.

So pleased to [url=https://www.polaroidblipfoto.com/entry/2024545103963492314]read that there is hope for Blipfoto.[/url]