Here we are then. Twelve whole hours to myself. What luxury!

I waved Mr L off, despite the fact that we had not yet seen the ferry leaving Stronsay. We blanched a little at the sight of the large waves out in the Sound. “Oh, well…” he said – and shrugged his shoulders. I can’t help wondering if I shall see him return shortly, but the Sanday ferry is rarely cancelled for weather…

After he’d gone, I made a big bowl of porridge for myself and the dogs and I sat on the sofa with a steaming mug of coffee and my breakfast and watched the waves. We don’t see many waves here as the bay outside the house is extremely sheltered and the view is generally a gentle one. With the wind in the right direction though, it can become quite striking.

I took Nell out a little while ago and she took off down the drive at a rate of knots, nose in the air, clearly in search of her alpha male. She misses him when he is not here. She balked a bit at the sound of the waves – the nearby ones are crashing on the rocks and the distant ones are roaring like an express train. If it hadn’t been for that I think I may not have managed to catch

her before she got to Loth.

I have stacked the dishwasher and now I am contemplating how to allocate my time for the remainder of the day. I shall begin gently and complete that sock – I reached the toe last night and am ready for a quick gallop along to the grafting. Then I can cast on the new one and feel as though I have broached the hump.

After that, I think I shall clean a few cupboards out in preparation for receiving the shopping. I plan to eat up the soup that I made earlier this week so there’s no lunch to cook. Maybe after lunch I’ll tackle my craft room – I need to make space for making a birthday card.

What would be really nice today would be to make some time and space for some spinning. But I do have some design work to do as well.

Ach – it will be time for the man to come home again before I have scarcely turned myself around. I’d best get a move on or the day will be gone.

Hmmm… I might bake.