Pine Cone Scarf

The current project is a free pattern, from Interweave Knits via Knitting Daily: the Pine Cone Scarf. It should be fashioned in Mountain Colors Mountain Goat but I am using Noro Kureyon. This was a poor choice – I hadn’t realised that Kureyon is not washable. Oops. However, it comes in fab colours and is actually available in the UK – the Mountain Goat is very expensive and I failed to find a UK supplier anyway.

I am using shade 157 “Emperor” – it’s a mix of greens, browns, russets, and purple … kind of. The greens and browns are just right to go with Mr L’s storm jacket, but are nicely leavened by the flashes of colour. I think it will look good.

You will just have to believe me, despite my previous post, when I say that it is a quick and easy knit. Using 8mm needles and two strands of DK yarn, the main part of the scarf is worked over 21 stitches in one single pattern of Old Shale – a 10 row repeat, with only one lace row to handle. Just try not to have a puppy in tow or, like me, you may end up missing out all your fourth rows, or something worse -like not noticing that the chart is written in reverse on every alternate row. (Yes, I am still sulking)

I will do this pattern again, and again, I think – it looks to me to be ideal for homespun. I’ll report back on that later, just as soon as I have spun sufficient (and I am not wasting my BFL on it, I can tell you) Jacob at a semi-correct weight.

Time for photos? OK – Mr L has taken Nell for a walk so I can take a few shots. It’s in artificial lighting, though.

kureyon-emperor-thb PineCone1-thb