A little while ago I was successful in bagging a beautiful skein of laceweight wool via the p/hop Ravelry group. Rav user fey packaged it up and sent it off to me and it arrived here this morning.

Lace Cake in Dream from C*eye*ber Fiber

I haven’t got the colours quite right – the photos were taken in artificial light. Think Royal Purple through to Hyacinth Blue.

Purple. My favourite colour

The yarn is beautiful. It’s a soft ply, with a halo and a sheen that make it seem quite unlike the Merino it is actually made from. There’s an almost alpaca quality to it, or even a not-so-fluffy angora.

I love it so much that I shot off to JustGiving and made a second donation to phop/MSF in respect of this yarn, as I do have a small pot of free cash this week.

It is already becoming a Citron. I hope to use as much of the yarn as possible but haven’t yet worked out what that means in terms of additional repeats. Citron takes 470 yards, and I have 880 yards to play with. It sounds a lot, but we are talking the maths of circles here. I might get Mr L to do the sums 🙂

Citron has the look and feel of a ferry boat project to me.

NB: the Ceyeberfiber website seems to be down and out for the count, but the yarns seem to be available from the dyer via her blog.

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