Over the Hill

We are going “Over the hill to Boloquoy Mill” today, on a little photo safari. The weather isn’t bad, but it isn’t brilliant either – so I am hoping some cloud clears before 12:00

I have been finding camera bits and bobs and changing batteries etc. Just need to wax my boots and make a sandwich. I am really looking forward to my day and hoping to come home with some photos that I can share.

Knitting is not going well. I seem to lack the will at present – probably because of that thing in the sitting room loom-ing over me!  However, I did eventually pick up the currently active project last right and finished a second repeat. It is looking very bonny and I really must get some photos done soon.  Despite those two facts, I do find myself itching to cast on for a “quick hit” project. It’s madness. Just madness. But I do feel in the mood for a one skein/fat needle/finished in a day or two project. A colourful one, to feast my eyes upon while I work.

Do you know what I mean?

Almost the weekend! I have a Biryani to look forward to, and some deferred Socialising. That and the laundry. Hey ho.


  1. jenny
    June 12, 2009

    I really must wear my reading glasses at the computer, I thought you’d written ‘wax my boobs’ 😉

    • June 12, 2009

      Oh, my!

      (Who knows, I may have done – I am still using the handwriting recognition and clearly we are not 100% compatible yet)

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