Oooh – look at the pretty colours in the air!

All those lovely shades of blue in the air 😛

So – Kirkwall is cancelled.

The car was fine yesterday. In fact, it was fine at 8:15am when Mr L turned it around. Come 8:20am when I was ready to leave? No wipers!

Mr L fiddled and announced that all was now fine. I went out, started the car – no wipers!

They work when the engine isn’t turning. They do not work when it is. The radio is the same. But the lights are fine. So is the ignition (apparently). It could be the ignition switch

Given that (a) it is raining and (b) it is an unknown electrical fault which may for all we know develop and become worse (c) the car was to be driven by somebody unfamiliar with it – we cancelled the trip.

And to cap it all, Mr L’s paid subscription to the very useful Ford Maverick forum recently expired.

Our best hope is that last night, when charging the battery, Mr L knocked something loose and it will be an easy fix. But he can’t look for it in the half light and the wet and the wind and when he’s coughing and hacking…

It’s a bit of a b*gg*r though – we’ve bottomed out on so many things and really did need to get the big shopping in.

As in all crises, I shall knit. Time to get the soothing lace out, I think. But first of all – it’s got to be hot steaming black caffeine and a bite of breakfast. Darn it, I had been so looking forward to my bacon buttie on the boat this morning.

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