Continuing to search for a perfect hooded cowl pattern, I fell upon this Jane Thornley item: Cowled Capelet

(c) Jane Thornley – click image for the pattern page

Not exactly what I had in my head but the basic form is right and…

I now know what to do with the yarns left over from my Colinette blanket!

I have long been meaning to experiment with Jane Thornley’s free-form knitting ideas and did in fact purchase a second Arizona Dreams pack from Colinette  in order to make a Medici Coat (I’ll get around to it soon-ish.) I can make full economic use of my yarn pack and get myself a cosy and useful cowl – even if not in colours that I would normally wear. It will at least be functional. So, that’s A Plan.

The Plan does offer me a small conundrum however. When I gave Colinette my feedback on the kit, they offered to send me a free skein of the yarn that ran out, in order for me to finish my blanket. Given that I worked around the problem and brought my blanket to a conclusion, it would feel a little dishonest to take up the offer. However, I do still feel peeved that I forked out s much for the yarn pack and have over one third of it unused. So, do I give them an enthusiastic “yes” so that I have some more Hoopla for the capelet? It was after all my favourite yarn in the whole pack and adds a real cushiness to the overall blend of textures…

What would you do?



  1. Anne Williams
    November 25, 2015

    Hello Beth, I have to admit I would accept the yarn, especially if it was one I particularly liked. After all, you paid for a whole kit and there was a yarn short.
    I’ve been reading past blogs and enjoyed them very much. I also note that you like to correspond with REAL letters. If I send my address, would you like to correspond with me?

    • December 6, 2015

      I’ll certainly give correspondence a go, Anne though I am not wholly reliable or punctual – be warned. (I did accept the yarn offer but it has yet to arrive.)

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