On and off the needles

High time we had a knitting update around here! Admittedly there hasn’t been much knitting of late, with spinning and felting taking priority, but things have been happening.

Finished objects

  • The Fernfrost scarf was finished in time for the show and its FO post should be along soon.
  • A quick and dirty handspun beret cropped up out of the blue and was off the needles almost before it went on them. An FO post will follow soon.
  • “Flotsam” a one-skein triangular scarf made from my “Drift on By” skeins to the Reclamation pattern – also in need of an FO post

Currently on the needles

Projects that I might reasonably deem to be live are:

  • A Red Emperor scarf , begun 3rd August
  • That damn laceweight  Rhytidome triangular scarf – it drags on and on but I keep it nominally live because I’d like to be rid of it. Unfortunately there are still 60 of 100 grams remaining…
40% done?
40% done?

Everything else is officially dormant at this time.


  • KAL shawl #1 – the Queen Anne’s Lace
  • KAL shawl #2 – A Handsome Triangle in DK, also for the KAL (to knit when conditions prevent work on the QAL)
  • Several fingerless gloves owed to PIF winners

Queued for completion

Several projects are begging to be completed, some louder than others. Projects that I hope to move status from Dormant to Live in the next few weeks include:

  • The Laminaria shawl
  • The “Dunes” variant of  the Morning Surf Scarf
  • Any of a large number of incomplete pairs of socks
  • the Bayret beret

I have had to reinstate the sorting spreadsheet in order to handle the mess. . .

The strategy to be adopted should be that of the “quick hit” I think; tick off as many projects as I can, as quickly as I can. So why select Laminaria? Sheer stupidity – I just want to play with it.


It might seem to any sane person that my workbasket is already out of hand – let us not forget we have spinning, felting and weaving to work on too -  however… Yarn has been purchased: several wheels of Lopi are en route from Iceland and, inspired by Brooklyn Tweed, I’m planning a Pi blanket for my bed. That should keep me out of trouble for a while!

Updates on recent projects

The Blossom sock sunk to the bottom of the pile once I acknowledged its sad case of gigantism. I shall re-knit on smaller needles, choosing a different wrap technique.  No hurry; targeted for the 2010 Show next July.

The ruffled shawl is pretty much dormant as its priority is very low. It will emerge now and again, at times when garter stitch is “just the thing.”

I shall force myself back to the Herringbone socks one day soon. Sigh

Duty Calls

I really must knit Mr L’s other sweater some time soon.