Oh, puppy!

I am pretty much banned from the office this week so, being away from the computer, am spending my time with knitting needles. So far today I have finished the Sea Fever scarf, have 7/10 of the leg pattern done on one Green ‘n Growlly, and have some more Sunset Strip done. Tonight I will try to get the Green ‘n Growlly heel turned. (thinks: should I have called that project Grreen ‘n Grrowlly?)

In the post today, my bottle of Eucalan. I unwrapped it and read the directions, then left it on the table while I made a risotto for lunch.

I heard Nell barking furiously, and went to see what the problem was…

I guess she didn’t like the taste of Eucalyptus and Lavender!

I have now decanted what was left of the Eucalan into a glass pickle jar and plan to wash the pine cone scarf tomorrow, while Mr L is otherwise engaged in a conference call for several hours and I am on animal-minding duties for the day, and cannot go spinning.

I kept a close eye on the pup this afternoon. She seems unsettled, with a slightly squitty tummy, but none too bad for her adventure, all things considered. On the other hand, if she does needs a trip to the vet tomorrow, well – I can at least do some more green sock knitting… and the Pine Cone can wait until part 2 of the conference call, on Friday. Busy week this week.

And now I have to vacate the office again. *sigh*

(I wonder if this will post? There is a large download going on and we don’t have much bandwidth here until February)

Gill – if you read this, can you call in tomorrow en route to spinning if you have time, please? I have something for you to take along and to think about. (I can’t get into my mail just now.)