1. I still haven’t done my patchwork homework. I got all my stuff out this morning and laid it out before me and found tears in my eyes… then the phone rang, and saved me from it for a while – and now it’s coffee time. Time is running out fast and I shall be the dunce of the class tonight. Maybe I’ll take my knitting and just give up.
  2. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining. I planned to do photos today – of FOs and stash yarn/fibre. But now it’s raining again.
  3. Fantastic curry yesterday – Mr L made Chicken Jalfrezi and I supplied some pakora (potato ones and mushroom ones)
  4. We watched a lovely gentle film last night. No blood, no car chases – just lots of story and character development…. Last Orders (2001) – with a great British Cast including half the theatre knighthood… Sir Tom Bloody Courtenay, Sir Michael Caine, Dame Helen Mirren… and Bob Hoskins (who surely should have a Knighthood by now) and David Hemmings (looking not at all like the sex god he was in the Sixties) and Ray Winstone. Terrific good value for a fillum. Recommended.
  5. My wool winder arrived today, so I shan’t need to borrow SpinningGill’s any longer. Very quick delivery and a good price. (Bedford Sewing Knitting Machines on eBay)
  6. I got to the end of the heel flap on my second sock last night. Clearly not as far as the completed sock that I had envisaged having by the wend of the weekend. I can see that it won’t be completed until Wednesday now.

Coffee is nearly gone. I need to go back to my fabric, scissors, and pins. I also have to fashion some kind of lunch for us today. I think I’m going to make a cauliflower cheese – perhaps with broccoli. Maybe I’ll add some pasta.