Oh, Matt, how could you?

I’m shutting this blog down. I am shutting all my wordpress.com blogs down.


Because WordPress.com has introduced advertising. I was horrified to see the intrusion into my post and up with it I will not put.

Matt always said that WordPress is absolutely free and always will be. Well, that’s a moot point when we have to pay indirectly by allowing ads in our personal space… or cough up $30 per annum to keep the blog ad-free.

I feel abused. I feel dirty and shabby and used. It grieves me greatly after so many years of unstinting wordpress use and support. I feel that all that faith was misplaced.

The current content and any future material will be posted to a self-hosted wordpress blog somewhere on my woolgathering.org.uk domain. I’m not sure yet whether it will be http://www.woolgathering.org.uk/paradise or whether I shall choose to return to a single blog with a mixed content. Anyway, if you want me, that is where you shall find me.

While I am still here – I have just been given an Android phone. I am wondering what apps there are out there for baking and cooking. Do you have any recommendations? I’m thinking there must be apps for converting US recipes for UK use, certainly in terms of converting cups to metric weights and measures. Is there one that can decode some of those mysterious ingredients, I wonder? And how about a really good timer application so that I don’t burn any more biscuits (I don’t mean scones!) or over-rise my dough?

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