Oh, bum

I finished the Torch Island spinning and got a total of 186 yards of 3 ply, approx aran weight. Mr L liked it, so it is to be a hat for him. I began a Noro Hat this afternoon. Halfway up the body, I realise that I am going to be short of yarn.


  1. Frog it, choose new pattern
  2. Adapt the pattern to a shape that uses less yarn
  3. Spin up the small piece of roving that I kept back for felting and hope that provides enough to finish the job (it won’t)
  4. Get more roving, spin it, knit perfect hat

(4) would be my preferred option but

  • Would take time. Supplier is in the States and the first parcel took quite a long time to get here
  • Dye lots might not match
  • I am not the patient kind
  • There’s none in the Etsy shop right now anyway

I really had an ambition to spin, ply, knit – and do the whole job in just a few days as a self-contained project. I feel thwarted.

Mr Plumbum’s Groovy Brulée


eBay wrote to Mr L today and gave him a tenner to spend. Know what he’s trying to get? A needle felting tool for me!  I love that man. I am sure that I do not deserve him.

Then again, maybe it is a fair swap for a hand-knitted, hand-spun, merino hat?

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