Not so anonymous, really

Although I see hundreds of hits a day at Woolgathering, nobody much hangs around to say “hello” apart from the usual suspects. It’s a pity. I’d like the chance to gab a little from time to time, and to meet a few blog strangers.

Our readers are not totally anonymous though, and I do pick up some kind of a sketch of what the audience is about when I see the daily stats and associated search terms. Sometimes they raise more than a small smile. Sometimes I find them entirely mystifying. Today I thought I would share a small selection:

  • hand knitted underwear mohair
  • mushroom dopiaza blog
  • how make a frog pond
  • adipose

They all fetched up at Woolgathering. Three of those I understand, and can see why a search engine would point the searcher here. One item of that set of four, I admit to finding deeply mystifying – in all senses!

and, to the poor soul who searched on the term “eastern cast on” – my heart goes out to you! Try Judy’s Magic Cast On – that’s the one that got me up and running. And, if you pop by again, do please stay long enough to say “hello” and let me know how you got on with it.

Sock Progress

The Purple Needle Eater Sock #2 is on the final pattern repeat. FOs follow soon.

Next Socks

I am trying very hard not to buy some Trekking Hand Art this afternoon…


Can anybody recommend a sock yarn with really good stitch definition? I’d like a single colour, preferably shaded rather than entirely flat in colour.  Materials should be all or mostly natural. I fancy forest greens, or autumn russets, or maybe a deep amethyst wine shading…

It’s for a pair of Rivendell socks.