No time to play

It has been an horrendously busy day today, with little time to play in the kitchen. We have been out and about around the island, shopping and recycling. We have then been attempting to salvage the kitchen window, failing miserably and ending up screwing the window into its frame. Apart from that I have unpacked my Lakeland order, my Bakery Bits order, and the stock order for Sanday Spinners. Since when, I have been creating Products in the shop software and updating stock levels.

Frankly? In need of a beer. I have reached the pissed-off stage.

So far I have failed to find time to make a plan for tomorrow’s Hazel Maizel bread… which simply must happen because I took out a second mortgage yesterday and bought a wedge of Stinking Bishop to go with the bread. I really wanted to spend time here today detailing the best part of an hour that I spent in the cheese shop yesterday – this was an absolute treat and involved plenty of sampling. Anyway, I can at least note that I came home with two other cheeses as well – some Sage Derby and a little piece of Single Gloucester. The Sage Derby was reduced considerably with the aid of a few crackers, some vine-ripened plum tomatoes, and a large bottle of Leffe when I got home last night. It brought back happy memories of day trips to that foodie capital of Derbyshire, Bakewell… its puddings, bread, ice cream and other goodies.

I shall be back some other time to speak a little more of the cheese shop and plans to get our hands on more good cheese more often.

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