NaBloPoMo 9: Easily Led

Today’s tale is one of frustration, so I do not plan to tell it. You, dear reader, do not need to know of the trauma associated with running WordPress on Dreamhost, and the sheer frustration of being ignored when asking non-paying clients to host their site elsewhere – when the same clients want instant updates…

What do you need or want to know? That my new Signature needles (3.75mm) arrived this morning and that I am counteracting the day’s frustrations by christening them? A Lead or Follow scarf has been cast on. I shouldn’t be starting new projects, but Lead or Follow has me easily led… Not that it itself hasn’t added to today’s frustration levels.

I bought the pattern quite some time ago, and have in fact aborted one start on it already. The pattern came in a proprietary format, requiring the installation of special (and very crappy) software. Galling. Of course I have a new machine since I bought the pattern and had to jump through several hoops in order to identify the required software and install it. I did contact the designer first in the hope that, being a paid up customer, she might be able to supply me with the PDF file that is currently being sold. No joy – just the suggestion that I purchase another copy. The response has me mystified.

Let us just note that better pattern support has been obtained elsewhere – and leave it at that.

Anything else that you would care to read today? Want to take a peek at the Very Terhi mitts?

Growing fast
Growing fast

They are knitting up really quickly and are far easier to knit than a first glance at the chart might suggest. Not that I am finding the actual pattern instructions very easy to get to grips with – as I already know from previous experience, Yarnissima can confuse me like no other designer can.

I’m on the thumb gusset. Clearly I am doing the increases wrong – they are intended to be “nearly invisible”

Nearly invisible? No, quite clearly visible!
Nearly invisible? No, quite clearly visible!

My increases are no such thing.

A trawl of Ravelry projects tells me that the solution is to be found in Knitting without Tears: Basic Techniques and Easy-to-Follow Directions for Garments to Fit All Sizes by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I shall hunt out my copy.

So, that’s it for today – nothing to see or read here, nothing to tell – just move along quietly and hope for better luck tomorrow…

(Please send chocolate)