NaBloPoMo 7

My back went ping this morning, so any strangeness in this post may be attributed to the Distalgesic…

We elected to make an early start on the weekend and after the work PC was shut down and the animals fed and exercised, a large and  very hot bath was enjoyed, while suitably chilled white wine was deployed. Thence to a very early bed with the iMac and a couple of the silliest films ever produced: Blazing Saddles was followed by Bubba Ho-tep. I knitted on my Fichu edging…

The Fichu edging is all but complete now, just three peaks to go. I shan’t be blocking it today, due to the pinged back. We shall have to give it a week or two to mend before I can bend over the blocking mats.

It’s a lovely day today – sunny and still, so the chimney liner is going in. Only one injury reported so far.

Over and out. I need more Distalgesic.

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