My White Bicycle (December REFLECTIONS 4)

Today’s prompt is: White

2019 was the year of the bicycle. We bought a pair of electric bikes and a towbar-mounted bike rack so that we could take the bikes away with us on the back of the Hymer. I had just the one ride out on my new bike before we upped and changed the van.

We changed the van for one that couldn’t carry the weight of the two bikes on the back.

So, what did we do? We went out and bought two more e-bikes. This time we bought folding ones that would fit into the luggage space at the rear of the new van.

We bought Gocycles and mine is white. Mr L has a very manly graphite grey one.

The bikes are great – very well designed, well built and really tough. They fold up and are stored on little trolleys, with zip-on covers/carry cases and they fit beautifully into the back of the van.

We had a few rides out from home to familiarise ourselves with the new bikes and were very excited at the prospect of getting more out of our van travels.

The bikes came in very handy at Alcossebre and the weather was good so we were out several times, if only to go to the supermarket,

Unfortunately since then they have not seen the light of day. A combination of poor weather, unsuitable environment and the timetable of travel have added up to prevent us cycling.

Today we had plans to cycle to Vila do Bispo by the back roads and we were really looking forward to it but the weather had other ideas: it tanked down. We shall try again tomorrow!

When we first got the bikes I began a project to photograph them wherever we went. Today I was going to have photos of my bike at Vila do Bispo. I thought it would be a great response to today’s prompt. Ah, well .

Unfortunately my plans to photograph the bikes at Alcossebre (with background of palm trees, Mediterranean Sea and the iconic lighthouse) also came to naught. So I have nothing even remotely up to date. Here is one that I did earlier. I have more but they are all on my phone and I am writing this on the laptop.

Here is one I did earlier

Taken on a local ride at home – stopped for a rest at the Plan d’Eau in Saint Rémy

His and hers

Taken on a local ride from home to Bussiére-Poitevine

Remember this?

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