Making Time

My fibre stash is not decreasing. I need to make more time in which to spin. But how?

I was thinking that I need to spin more regularly, rather than having intense spurts that end up hurting my joints. Ideally, I think that I should do an hour a day, every day (or most days, let’s be realistic here.) At least that way I would see progress being made and not get so downhearted about a spin.

So, how to set time aside and call it my spinning time?

My days tend to be very ordered by routine, and thereafter dis-ordered by young Nell. I start my day by doing the laundry, setting the bread to rise, pottering in the kitchen, planning our mid-day main meal, then getting breakfast on the table ready for Mr L’s first break at 9am.

I clear breakfast away, cycle to the shop if necessary, wield the Dyson if I must, provide Mr L’s 11am coffee and cake, cook lunch and serve it for 1pm… clear up again, bake something for tea… and then find a little time for knitting/reading/paper crafts before serving afternoon coffee in the office around 3pm.

Computer time tends to happen at coffee breaks, and I sit in the office with Mr L and act reasonably sociably for half an hour.

Spinning tends to happen after tea and dog walking, when it happens at all, and stops in time for a bath at 8pm and bed-with-book or bed-with-knitting.

A full day.

Can you see where the spinning naturally falls? I can.

I may need to rise half an hour earlier, but I see quite clearly that once the bread is set to rise, it takes an hour. Instead of aimlessly hanging around the kitchen in order not to forget that the bread is there, I can sit down at my wheel and spin while the yeast does its magical act.

Automagically – one hour’s spinning daily, at least on weekdays if not at weekends.

Ta Da!

The best part of this plan is that the light is at its best in the sitting room in the mornings – we have a window in the east wall and one in the south wall. I can spin for an hour, in good light, and not lose time at anything else. I gain a sense of purpose and get to see my tops make progress towards yarn. And, best of all, I don’t erode the knitting time and still have space in which to knit my hand spun yarn.

All I have to do now is to stick to the plan.

Currently spinning

I am still spinning the merino/mohair. Now halfway through my third bobbin. Quite thrilled with the finished skein that I have to hand. Have been pondering what to do with it and I think I now know. If I have sufficient yardage, I am considering a Clapotis. This would have a very different character to my silk one, and be rather perfect for wrapping up warmly on winter ferry journeys.

I fear that I will not have sufficient yardage,though. So maybe one of the Harlot’s one-row scarves, with a pair or coordinating mitts? Alas, not enough to do a hat as well, I think.


Wednesday Spinning Cake was Waitrose’s Orange Drizzle Cake. I make these in muffin cases and the mixture perfectly fills a dozen cases right to the top when risen. Delicious, moist, sticky, not too sweet, and rather buttery… these are good cakes.

But let me tell you just how perfect they are when served up for tea time, with a dollop of cream cheese spread on top. I use the Light version of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (and convince myself that this is not too damaging)  – very often the sharper quality of the Light is just what is required and, with these moist and sticky buns… you betcha!

Highly recommended as a treat.