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A boxful from Liz, including a scarf to unpick
A boxful from Liz, including a scarf to unpick

In the post today, Art yarn from both the Lovely Liz and our Heavenly Hilltop Katie. You have my undying gratitude, both of you and p/hop is now slightly the better off for it.

A gorgeous skein from Katie
A gorgeous skein from Katie

I would furnish a photograph of my goodies but it’s an awfu’ grey day at the minute.

Liz's Colinette Scarf which looks as though it was fun to make but sadly it fails to keep her neck warm
Liz’s Colinette Scarf which looks as though it was fun to make but sadly it fails to keep her neck warm

Two and a half hexapuffs made yesterday, I really must speed up! I did manage to get halfway through Chelsea though, having watched six of fourteen programmes so far. I am in total agreement on the best garden, I must say and disagree with the pros about it being a masculine garden, unappealing to women. I LOVED it.

I am up late and running behind today. The scarf on the blocking mats is not yet fully dry due to the high level of humidity we are suffering (sometimes a haar is not very ha-ha!) and in fact the hood part is still distinctly damp, so perhaps no additional blocking today. I’ll be unpicking Liz’s amazing scarf and winding my yarn instead, I think. On the other hand, if I can find four more mats, I can block in the RV. I know where three of them are but the fourth is a mystery at the moment. I’ll decide later, right now I must go and magic up a prawn risotto, which will provide me with a rather weird breakfast today.

Just back from the PO from posting an eBay sale of Mr L’s that has yielded the necessary fuel funds for our trip down to the Solway Firth. That’s a bit of a weight from my mind. As is the fact that Mr L’s face has largely returned to normal. It was an impressive swelling whilst it lasted!


Yummy shading in this Colinette "Skye" yarn
Yummy shading in this Colinette “Skye” yarn

The scarf section of the hooded scarf is now unpinned. The hood remains pinned out.

Now blocked
Now blocked

I left the hood on one mat and found an extra mat to make up a large square of four for pinning out the Curl, in every hope that it is large enough to occupy more than a single mat. It is currently soaking so I shall soon know if the news is good or bad.

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October 29, 2020 at 12:12PM

It’s mass migration time! #livereportingfromtheroad #france #autumn2020 #thelockdowndash

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