My head aches, my shoulder, elbow and wrist are all very sore…but the Sky and Water II scarf is now 85% done. I’d kind of like to get it blocked today if I can, but I know I should rest. What to do? *sigh*

If I stick to the pattern, I have two and a half repeats left to do. I’d like to do a few more, at least until my ball of yarn runs out. Perhaps an hour and a half of knitting to go, then.

Shall I?

If I do block this today, then I can finish the second Morning Surf scarf tomorrow… with a bout of determined knitting. The BSJ will take care of itself in bed. I *could* get them all entered in the Show on Friday night, but I shan’t have time to work up entries in other disciplines if I concentrate on my knitting.

oh, my… decisions!