I do have a considerable amount to share but I have very little time in which to do the sharing. I expect the details will come along in dribs and drabs: expect cuteness, lots of fluff, chocolate, some colour and a great deal of puzzling.

It is SUMS Puzzle Hunt Week. The first puzzles were released at 01:00, our time.  We had an early bath last night and took to our bed with the Guardian Prize crossword (and we whupped it!) then settled down with the iPlayer and Tommy. It was twenty past twelve when Tommy finished and so we elected to stop up and see what the first set of puzzles was like.  At  01:18 we were lying in 12th position, having solved our first puzzle. We thought that we had a handle on another one, so kept on going until 3am. We must have been too tired because when I said “we should try the ******* (deleted to save us being banned from the puzzlehunt)”,  we failed to do so – this was actually the right methodology but the puzzle remained unsolved until mid-morning.

It was almost 03:30 before we finally settled. As you may imagine, matters of a more serious nature are not going too well today. I am dropping things all over the kitchen and Mr L is finding his work hard going.

Puzzle stats: 3 of 4 solved. Currently 44th with 15 points. 116 teams registered, 91 having scored.

I now have to tackle my programming course.

Wish me luck.


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