Lots of busy

Slowly getting the van provisioned. I made quiche for lunch (caramelised onion and goat cheese with thyme) with the idea that the leftovers will furnish lunch when we arrive in Kirkwall. The remaining new potatoes will make a potato salad to have with it. Still on the economy drive, oh yes.

quiche (1 of 3)

Making the quiche took ages. No time for pretty pictures, just a quick snap before snarfing it down…

quiche (3 of 3)

I haven’t found the iron yet.

So much to doooooooo! Still need to clean my lenses and pack my camera gear. Still need to sort out some knitting and the books that I want to take with me. Worst of all I still need to find something to wear to the do. Got to cut Teddy’s claws and give him a bath, find walking boots and waterproofs, a swimsuit that fits (we’re stopping overnight at the Picky camp site so that we can go to the Phoenix cinema. and want to make full use of the facilities on offer)… the list is never-ending.

On top of all that I still need to write up the three-week trip to go get the new van. I’m still writing the first part, about Brunhilde’s final trip.

See you next week!

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