Loose ends wrapped up

Briefly, as it has been a long hard day and I am weary. More tomorrow, perhaps.

  1. I got my release from the Endocrinology clinic and now my GP keeps a watching brief for 12 months, with blood tests every 8 weeks or so. In short, we wait and we hope – with luck symptoms will not return. There’s about a 30% chance of full remission.
  2. The sea was a bit bouncy today, but not bad
  3. I “accidentally” bought shoes – 2 pairs!
  4. I “accidentally” bought an electric blender – for dedicating to paper making
  5. I not so accidentally bought a set of plastic drawers on wheels (I had wanted lidded crates)
  6. Got home to find a nice RAK package in the mail
  7. also my Yarn Yard club yarn (more of this later)
  8. also my package of energy saving reflector bulbs – which are now in place. Not only can we see again at night but also we are saving the planet. AND I have an idea for the packaging…

Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can see my yarn in daylight and work out what the colour really is. I am v happy that the yarn  is the “Beautiful” BFL one. It’s exactly what I needed for this plan (Bayret at Ravelry)