Suzie has to visit the vet before she can be prescribed further arthritis meds. Mr L has very generously elected to give up his day off on Friday and has booked the ferry and the vet appointment. He says we can do the shopping whilst we are over there.

I suddenly realised that Nell  has never, ever, not once, been left alone in her entire life. I can’t imagine that she would take well to being left behind on her own. She will have to tag along.

That won’t leave much room for shopping.

The point may be moot. If I can’t shake my virus off and my chest continues to worsen, I shan’t be going anywhere. Nell can keep me company and Suzie and Mr L can go shop for all the rubbish that they like.

Assuming the best – we can deploy those  wonderful new travel harnesses and put the dogs on the back seat of the car, leaving the boot free for sossidges, fruit and veg. I wonder if Donaldson’s will have any pork pies in.

I don’t like Friday trips to town on the Winter schedule – it’s such a late return and putting the shopping away feels like a real chore.

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