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We are a little at sixes and sevens at the moment. Having arrived home with a whole other trip planned to begin on Thursday, with Mr L’s leave booked from work and all, then finding that my Jury Service has not been cancelled due to lack of business – we clearly cannot now go.

Making the best of a bad job, I am appreciating the extra time to turn the van around and also in which to do some knitting.

There is new knitting!

The yarn parcels that were waiting for me at the weekend when I arrived home included three skeins of Colinette’s Skye yarn. Look how quickly they leaped onto the swift for cake-winding!

Skye, wound for knitting
Skye, wound for knitting

In fact, I wound the yarn this morning and mainly to provide a Blip for the day. That’s my excuse and I plan to stick to it.

Also in the Colinette package was a “Creative Pack” of Art to add to my Beekeper’s Quilt stash. The second parcel held the ultra-cheap eyelash yarn from Turkey. This one is for toy-making and I am in no hurry.

I am working my way through the write-up of last weekend for Two Snails but have yet to complete the trip to Hoy, not to mention the year-old trip to Scotland! It all seems to take up massive amounts of time. I really do need a system  to keep matters in check and so have begun to segregate the Blog bit of what we did from the Resource bit of where we stayed, That way I can link to the resource documents in future and only have to write them once. Koken offers a mechanism to quickly link the new albums to the written pages. It is hard work for now but should show benefits in the future.

What I need is a mechanism to allow me to get all that lot done at the same time as knitting up the Skye into a beautiful hooded scarf at a time when I am away from home a great deal. Is there an answer? I do not believe so.

Teddy’s new collapsible carrier was delivered while we were away, as was his supply of hi-tech cat litter for travelling, and his new bed. The bed has been road-tested – he is sleeping in it at night and should be fully at home in it when we take it on the road. The carrier will come as a beautiful surprise :-p

Ted's new bed - by the Aga
Ted’s new bed – by the Aga

Our next trip will involve travelling on roads for distances, with proper traffic. Teddy will have to be restrained for all our safety. His smart new collapsible RAC carrier is nice and airy and roomy and will attach to the seat belts in the passenger accommodation. I almost feel sad about it though as I have enjoyed his total relaxation on my lap and the cuddles that we have had as we pootle along the quiet Orkney roads.

Yes, we are off to Parts Foreign. Scotland beckons. We are just not clear when – only when we are not. (Guilty, m’Lud. Can we get on with it.)

The outline itinerary has us wandering gently down the middle before veering to the right a little in order to sample the famous Ullapool chip suppers and explore the gardens at Inverewe before crossing the country to the A9 and legging it back to the ferry via Forsinard.

I checked the 30 day forecast. I wibbled.

Oh, and I am in Deep Sh*t for losing my free ferry vouchers. I don’t see it as a big deal. After all, had Mr L the sense to marry a younger woman, he would have to pay full fare for her – wouldn’t he? Me, I’m a cheap date, but a forgetful one.

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