Knitting trauma

Just passing through, don’t get excited…

After several days’ intensive webmastering, I needed a Return To Sock. I don’t yet quite have the heart to begin the Teosinte again, so I grabbed the closes ball of yarn to my left hand and found it to be the Merino/Tencel “Lochan” yarn for the Rivendells. I took it to bed with some needles.

I knit two rounds.


Then I got stuck.


It’s a spatial thing, which I do not do, so I am utterly defeated for now.

I have 63 stitches (yes, that’s a worry in itself on 2.25mm needles) with 21 stitches on each of three needles, and a 21 stitch chart. What’s to worry about? Weeeelll…

Rounds one and two are easy to follow: *K1tbl p2* A dunce like me can manage that OK. Now, we arrive at round three. Round three involves slipping seven stitches onto a cable needle, wrapping the yarn twice around the base of all seven stitches, returning the seven stitches to the left hand needle, and then proceeding as before with *K1tbl p2* across the wrapped stitches.

Sounds simple, if fiddly.


(There’s always a BUT)

The chart offers half of this complicated process at the start of the chart and half at the end i.e. half of the wrapping appears at the start of the round, with a full wrap around the ends of needles 1/2 and needles 2/3, and the other half of the first twiddly bit at the end of needle 3.



How do I keep my rounds even, but still cope with the first round of twiddly bits, without redrawing the chart so that my needles are rearranged with the twiddly bits at the centre of each needle?

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  1. =Tamar
    June 12, 2008

    Don’t some charts show extra repeats around a central part that is marked out in red, to show the actual repeat? In any case, to do the wrap you have to have all the stitches available; if it has to overlap the start of the round, I’d say knit in the pattern you were just doing until you get to the first complete wrapping bit, and when you get all the way around, do the final wrapping bit. [Or you could tink back to where you could do that first wrapped bit completely.] Either way it temporarily resets the start of the round, which shouldn’t be a big problem.

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